Super Bowl LIV (54): Will the 2020 Super Bowl Be In 4K?

You might be wondering if your 4K TV will be useful for the Super Bowl 54. This year, Many people were able to enjoy the spectacular moments in 4K.

Will the 2020 Super Bowl Be In 4K

However, for the NFL Super Bowl 54, we can watch the big event in 4K. Since FOX has the broadcast right, the network has great records when it comes to 4k events. Back then, DIRECTV aired FOX coverage of The Master’s event in 4K.

FOX already announced that they will coverage the 2020 Super Bowl Be In 4K

The statistics show that there would be 20% of US homes will likely to have 4k TVs by early 2020. This incredible percentage should be sensible enough for FOX to start the 4K broadcast trend in the NFL.

Let’s not neglect the fact that 4K TVs have been available in retail stores for several years. Not to mention that there have been significant numbers of new buyers who want to see their favorite shows in 4K. NBA and MLB games have been available in 4K. So, it is only a matter of time until we can see the NFL games, including Super Bowl, come in 4K.

FOX is planning for 4K edition of the Super Bowl 54. The respective channel will air the coverage right from Miami, Florida.

There is still a possibility that the 2020 Super Bowl will be in the 4K. As we know, DIRECTV has no problem in offering the 4K. Now, the decision depends on the FOX as the full broadcasting right holder of the show. We have asked the DIRECTV customer support about this, but still no definite answer.

FOX is familiar to provide the content in 4K. So, it would just make sense that DIRECTV will offer the Super Bowl 54 in 4K. Back then, DIRECTV was successfully delivering The Masters in 4K and people had given positive feedback for the service.

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