How to Get Super Bowl 2020 Tickets Ultimate Guide

If you are planning to attend the venue when the Super Bowl LIV happens, you would want to purchase the 2020 Super Bowl tickets in advance. Buying the Super Bowl 2020 tickets will earlier make sure that you get the best seats for you and your companions.

Super Bowl 2020 Tickets

2020 Super Bowl LIV in Miami

The Super Bowl 2020 will happen on Sunday, February 2, 2020. The big upcoming event will occur at Hard Rock Stadium in Atlanta, Florida. It is going to be a different Super Bowl than the previous versions. The Capacity of the stadium is 71,000. The officials are going to expand the capacity to 65,326 when there is a significant event like Super Bowl. It is going to be the third time that the Super Bowl happens in Miami Gardens.

Although there is no official announcement regarding the teams in the slot of a big event, the NFL playoffs will determine the slots for the champion from NFC – National Football Conference and the AFC – American Football Conference. Guess we have to wait until the results come out.

When will super bowl 2020 tickets go on sale

The good thing here is that the 2020 Super Bowl tickets have been available on the market for a while. The Super Bowl 2020 tickets are now available for sale in the official ticketing boxes. You will want to contact the official party to get your tickets. But you can also contact your Sports Travel Specialists to provide the traveling packages for you.

How much are super bowl tickets

It is undeniable that Super Bowl tickets have always been fantastic in number so that not all people can afford that. The average Super Bowl Ticket can cost around $3,641 – $476,450 (according to TicketCity). But the prices can vary depending on the particular matchup as well.

How to Buy the Cheapest Super Bowl 54 Tickets

Can you purchase the cheapest Super Bowl 54 tickets? The answer is YES. The trick to getting the most affordable Super Bowl 2020 tickets is buying them from the resale market. It is officially named as the “secondary ticket industry.” don’t get it wrong. It is an official way to get your 2020 Super Bowl tickets with a more affordable price. You can get these tickets from the reputable sellers.

Before purchasing the specific tickets for you and your group, you will want to take a look at numerous sites before proceeding. Compare from one to another. Make sure that you’ve picked the Super Bowl 2020 tickets from the trustworthy and reputable sites. There is a reason why zone seats are much cheaper. It is because you have no control in choosing specific places. That’s why it comes cheaper. If you want to save more money, consider focusing your search to zone seats rather than particular seats.

There’s a downside if you purchase the tickets too early. These will come expensive. Naturally, the 2020 Super Bowl tickets will come cheaper when the date of the game approaches. The prices will continue to fall during the week of the event. You will want to use this opportunity to get the cheapest tickets in the market. But you need to do it quickly because the stocks can be running out faster.

How Does the NFL Distribute Super Bowl Tickets?

The NFL will distribute the tickets to different segments: NFL people and Secondary Market. NFL will deliver about 75% of the tickets to their teams. And the rest 25% will be distributed to the media, partners, and sponsors. On the secondary market, the Super Bowl 2020 tickets are sold from the third parties. The tickets on the secondary market often come cheaper, but you need to be careful when using their services.

Final Words

With the tips above, at least you will have big pictures on how the ticketing works. That way, you will be wiser in choosing the 2020 Super Bowl tickets for you and your group. Whether you are going to the first market or secondary market, it is pretty much the same. You need to make sure that you get your 2020 Super Bowl tickets from the official sellers. You don’t want to waste your money to get the poor services from irresponsible sellers. Have a good luck!

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